Pete’s Concrete Garden and Yard Decor

Huge Concrete Leaf, With Cat

Huge Concrete Gunnera Leaf, With Cat

This is a concrete leaf made from a Gunnera leaf last year. You can see how to make one of your own on our concrete leaf tutorial page.

Pete Havekost on Concrete Bench

Pete Havekost on Concrete Bench

Here is Pete sitting on one of his concrete benches in the greenhouse. He’s sold several to people in Bellingham, and he was asked to create some custom concrete benches for the local parks department. A close-up of one of his benches is below. Pete has just started a brand new blog showing how he builds his concrete garden benches from start to finish, including the creation of custom-designed molds for the top. He also has a new site that discussed special aspects of garden benches that you should consider before buying one or making your own.

"Imagine" Concrete Bench by Pete Havekost

“Imagine” Concrete Bench by Pete Havekost

The bench in this photo has been customized with Pete and Dianne’s name on the front. More photos of Pete’s concrete garden benches.

Beautiful garden decor can turn your backyard into a perfect sanctuary for those warm, lazy days of summer.

Pete's and Dianne's garden pond

Pete’s and Dianne’s garden pond

Last year, Pete created this new garden pond. Click on the image to see a larger photo of his new pond.

We think part of the fun of gardening is making or finding the perfect decorative accents, including lawn signs and sculptures, to show off your own personality and style. In fact, this website started out as a way for us to show off our hand-made concrete leaves, and to show you how to make your own. Since then It has kept on growing, as we find more and more decorative garden items that we just have to tell you about.

New – see our collection of sedums.

Concrete Leaf Tutorial:

Small Concrete Leaf

Small Concrete Leaf

You’ve probably seen leaves just like ours in the home and garden magazines. In fact, concrete leaves are featured three times in the beautiful Sunset book Ideas for Great Garden Decor!

We’ve used these leaves to make fountains, as planters for sedums, and for adding a decorative touch among the tulips. You can make your own with the help of our instructions.

Pete’s Potheads:

These are concrete “pothead” planters that Pete made and Dianne planted. (Read More…)

Fountains and Water Features:

A fountain makes a beautiful accent in your garden or on your deck. What other garden decor can bring such soothing sounds? A water feature will also entice butterflies and birds into your garden for a drink.

Water Garden Iris

Ponds, water gardens and bog gardens can also beautify your yard and bring in more birds and butterflies. We’ve discovered some of the most unique and beautiful fountains, water features and birdbaths available on the Web.

New! Find water garden supplies in your area.


Stepping Stones:

Concrete stepping stones can be made from molds you purchase or you can make the molds yourself. The stepping stones in our garden path have the imprint of real ferns – and of course we made them ourselves. Ready-made stepping stones are also available in a variety of styles, in cast stone and cast iron. Let some wooly thyme creep over the edges of your stepping stones, and you’ll create a beautiful garden path. If you need the perfect stepping stones to spruce up your walkway, be sure to visit this page.

Pots and Planters:

We use our concrete leaves for planters, (they work great for sedums), and we also make our own unique lady’s head planters for our deck. We’ve also made hypertuffa troughs, which look ancient in just a few months. (We’ll show you how.) For more formal spots on our deck we use terra cotta and copper pots, and we’ve found some beautiful planters available on gardening websites. Visit this page and we’ll show you where to find them.

We hope you enjoy your visit in our garden, and find the perfect garden decor for your home.

7 thoughts on “Pete’s Concrete Garden and Yard Decor

  1. Barbara A. Baeten

    I just watched your video on how to make a concrete bench w/letters – IMAGINE.

    My question is where did you get the letters?

    I have done small projects – pots/leaves. I think I am going to try a bench next.

    Thank you for the video. Cheers, Barbara

    1. Pete Post author

      I made the letters by printing them on Word, 7 inches high. They have to be printed backwards, so the letters will read correctly after the mold comes off. Then I cut out the letters and stuck them on the MDF board that I used for the mold and used spray paint over the letters so I would have a pattern after I removed the paper. Then I cut out the letters with an electric chisel. Making a mold for something this large is quite a project in itself. Good luck with your bench.

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    I take pride in my work and hobby, its clear that you just do together with your
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    Thank you for posting this info and I’ve saved the website so I can find my way
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  3. Emily M Weaver

    I need to purchase a gunnera leaf mold for concrete. Where can I buy one. I need one and can’t find one. Also any advise on reinforcing these types of very large castings? I would appreciate it.

    1. Pete Post author

      Hi Emily. I’m answering this for my dad. We make concrete leaves directly over a real gunnera leaf. I have no idea where you would find a mold, but you could buy some brush-on silicone and some plaster for a support mold and make your own. There are YouTube videos that show you how to make a brush-on mold, but they won’t show the process using a leaf. It’s all the same, though, no matter what your using for the model. I don’t know about reinforcing – I’ll ask him the next time we talk, and get back to you. Jonni

      1. Emily M Weaver

        I have no way of getting a gunnera leaf to make the mold. I live in Michigan and growing the leaf is not available for me, I have tried and can’t get the plant to grow. I even gave seeds to my local nursery and they grew them for me, but the ended up dead. They wanted the leaf as badly as I did. LOL. I was hoping I could purchase a mold from you. I would be happy to pay someone to make me a mold if that is possible. I need this leaf mold for my part time business. I have posted to all I can on Face Book for anyone to send me a leaf and I would pay all of the costs but no luck on that front. Any additional help you can give me would be appreciated. Please let me know if you can help me. Thanking you so much for all your help. Emily

        1. Pete Post author

          Hi Emily. We don’t make molds for the leaves, but you might want to contact David Jensen:
          He has a YouTube channel about creating concrete garden art using the molds that he makes, and his website does mention “custom made” molds. Even if he doesn’t have the leaf mold, he might be able to make one for you.
          Good luck with it!


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