A birdbath is a garden water feature that your feathered friends will enjoy, too. Actually, any water in your yard, from a sprinkler, a backyard pond, or water fountain will attract birds and other wildlife. Most birdbaths are specially designed to be shallow enough for the birds to wade in, and many bird baths are on pedestals to give the birds a break from your neighbor’s cat.

Make Your Own Birdbath

You can make a beautiful birdbath yourself using a concrete leaf. To see how to make the leaf itself, go to our tutorial. To turn it into a birdbath, just put it on a pedestal made of concrete or wood, or sit it in among your flowers and add water every day. Be sure to choose a leaf for your mold that will cup into a slight bowl shape, so it will hold plenty of water.

Bird BathAny birdbath will attract more birds, and keep the mosquitoes away if you make the water move. You can do this with a slow drip or mister, which you should be able to find at a garden supply store.


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4 thoughts on “Birdbath

  1. Lavon Forrester

    Where did you get the base for the bird bath, and how do you fix the leaf so it will set on it and not fall off?
    Thanks Lavon

    1. Pete Post author

      The birdbath shown was not made by us. We don’t have a concrete birdbath to show you, but you could make a concrete base for a concrete leaf by using a sonotube, which you can buy at the local builder’s supply store. If we ever make our own birdbath we’ll be sure to write up a complete tutorial – this article was just to give you some ideas to explore on your own.


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