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You can contact us publicly by adding a comment to any post. If you would like to contact us privatly, please send an email to:

DianneH6 (at)

If you prefer snail-mail, you can send a letter to:

Pete Havekost
1015 E McLeod Rd
Bellingham, WA 98226

5 thoughts on “Contact Pete and Dianne

  1. Christy Carlson

    I would like to know how much for a man and the women with eyes closed pothead planters. My daughter and son in law lives in NY and said they could do the drive to pick them up if I want them to….Thanks

    1. Pete Post author

      We live on the other side of the country from New York, and shipping is very expensive. In fact, we won’t ship – but if you’re in the area, we would make you a couple of pot heads for $75.00 each. You might want to search around locally, because one of your local plant stores might have a similar product, which would be much easier for you.

  2. kathy moore

    I’ve recently got into making concrete items..would you happen to know where I could purchase the molds for these heads ? Thank you..I have really enjoyed your post

    1. Pete Post author

      Most of the heads were custom made from original sculptures, and we don’t sell the molds. However, some of the heads that were made from Stryrofoam mannequin heads, which you can buy online or at a wig shop. We don’t sell the molds ourselves, but you could make your own. You can get the silicone from the Smooth-on company. We buy ours from these people.


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