Garden Ponds and Fountains

Pete recently finished his new garden pond. He learned how to design and build a pond at a workshop given by a local contractor.

The pond has a rippling stream that winds through rocks found in the nearby Cascade mountains. Dianne will be adding even more plants to the edges of the pond, so it will blend into the surrounding landscape.

If you can’t find a pond building workshop near you, perhaps your local water garden supplier offers classes. You can also learn the art of backyard pond building from one of the excellent books that are now available.

On of our favorites is Simple Gardens for Indoors and Outdoors, by Dorcas Adkins.

Pete’s New Pond:

Pete and Dianne's New Garden Pond

Pete and Dianne's New Garden Pond

New! Find water garden supplies in your area.

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6 thoughts on “Garden Ponds and Fountains

  1. Susie Snider

    Hello Pete,
    It’s me again. My computer was attached by a virus after we talked last year and I lost all of my information. I am still wanting a Lady with a Hat Planter. I know that shipping is expensive but I have a FedEx and and a UPS account that I can use. Please let me know if you are still willing to send one to me. Thank you.

    Grandma Susie

  2. Pete Post author

    Hi Grandma Susie,

    I’d be happy to send you one. Send the shipping info, including your address and how to use your shipping accounts. Our contact info is here. You can pay the $29.95 by check. You might want to check first with UPS for the shipping charges – the planter weights about 20 pounds.

    Grampa Pete

  3. Susie Snider

    Sorry, I found your contact information. Just need to know if you are going to have one package or two so I can also send UPS labels.


  4. Susie Snider

    Dear Grandpa Pete,
    We received our lady with hat planters today via UPS. They are so beautiful – even more so than I imagined. Thank you so much for shipping these to us. We will be the only ones in the area with something this unique.
    Grandma Susie and friend Grandma Shirley


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