Our Lean-To Greenhouses

Our first greenhous.

The lean-to greenhouse at the side of the kitchen.

If you love to garden, you understand how much we love our greenhouses. Yes, we actually have two.

Our first greenhouse quickly filled with Dianne’s pots and plants. Pete built this one off the side of the kitchen, and you access it through the garage. As you can see from the view from the inside, it quickly filled up with Dianne’s potted plants. She’s a fanatic about sedums.

In the winter, we use a small heater in the greenhouse when it threatens to freeze.

Our First Greenhouse

Our first greenhouse, seen from the inside.

Our second greenhouse was built as an addition to the workshop. The new greenhouse is larger, but is quickly filling up with plants and odds and ends – who can ever have too many?

Our Second Greenhouse

Our second greenhouse, a lean-to attached to the back of the shop.

Both greenhouses were built by Pete. As you can see from the photo, some extra heating is needed to keep the plants toasty on winter nights.

Greenhouse Plan BookThe greenhouses really get used a lot when we get ready for our annual plant sales, which we always hold on Mothe’rs Day weekend. In addition to divisions from Dianne’s garden, we also sell Pete’s concrete garden benches and concrete leaves.

We found good plans for our greenhouses in this book.


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2 thoughts on “Our Lean-To Greenhouses

  1. Beth Dare

    I have sat and read your page for more than an hour. I do enjoy learning new things for our new home and garden. My goal this year is to make the area around the house more interesting with plants and oddities.
    My quest to find directions on how to make ‘head planters’ has been fruitless. Can you help? I saw your ‘potheads’ ( you are too far from me) and would like to make my own, more Greek style or just unusual. Any ideas on how to help?


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